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Amanda Barnhart (a.k.a Awesome Barnhart) began watching films, like everyone as a young child, going to movies with her father on weekends. And while growing up her father introduced her to many of the great classic films, the first one she remembers was Arsenic and Old Lace which she saw at age 7. For a long time watching movies was just something she did, until she got into high school. Slowly since then her passion for film has grown to something that completely makes up her life. Watching films, is without a doubt her favorite thing to do. So in 2010 she decided to take a stab at writing reviews, at first just trying to become a stronger writer, and since then has fell in love with it. Although she specializes in mostly classic & present day films, she is beginning to veer toward foreign. And yes her knowledge is a sometimes limited (but she is still young), she is slowly gaining more knowledge everyday by expanding her library of films. Along with writing reviews she is an avid Blu-ray/DVD and Movie Poster Collector. Her favorite film is “Say Anything….

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I am also a photographer in my spare time. You can check out some of my work Here.


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I'm a avid film lover. I love collecting Blu-rays/DVDs, as well as movie posters. Along with doing that I'm an amateur film critic (having starting my site/blog in 2010). I'm also a photographer. I try to keep my site up-to-date with the newest reviews. (To Find Out More Click The "About Me" Button) So definitely subscribe if your interested, and don't be afraid to leave your thoughts in the comment box but please keep it nice & clean, Thanks!

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