Elizabethtown (2005)

Ok I know that a lot of people said this movie is horrible. But I love it, it’s one of my favorites. Not just because of the amazing cast that includes Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst,Susan Sarandon & Alec Baldwin. But also I just love the story it tells and what it shows along with it and also the soundtrack is amazing. I know a lot of people might not agree with me and thats OK this is just my opinion.

Just incase you don’t what this movie is about, I’ll tell you about it. (*SPOILER ALERT* just so you can’t get mad if I gave too much away.) Well it starts off with Drew (Bloom) flying in a helicopter to a meeting with his boss Phil (Baldwin) to talk about his shoe that he designed. He’s shoe turned into a fiasco and Phil reads to Drew about how uncomfortable the shoe is that it will make people go back to walking bare foot, and that it cost the company almost a billion dollars. Already really depress and to make things worse his girlfriend Ellen breaks up with him. Now back at his house he decides to comment suicide, he throws everything out and uses his exercise bike and tapes a knife on so that when the bike gets turned on it will stab him to death. When he is just about to do it his cell phone starts ringing at first he ignores it, but then he finally answers it only to find out more bad news his dad dies and he needs to go to Elizabethtown to get the body and bring it back home. Before getting on the plane the family (the 3 of them) make the decision to have him cremated. Now in the air he meets Claire (Dunst) a flight attendant aboard this almost empty flight, they meet because she offers him a first class seat because she doesn’t want to have to walk all the way to the back of the plane all night (He’s the only one in coach). She asks him where he’s going and he says Elizabethtown but doesn’t tell him why and they begin to just talk (more on Claire’s part, Drew just wants to sleep) She draws him a map of how to get there explaining how easy it is to get lost if you don’t know your way there, she also writes her number down too. When he finally gets to Elizabethtown a boy leads him to the funeral home where he meets his cousin and also the rest of his family there. Most of the family refuse to him as the “California Boy” but his family only lived there for 18 months along time ago and has since lived in Oregon. When he tells them that his family wants the father cremated they get a little put off by it. Well anyways back at the hotel he tries to call home, no one answers and he then remembers he has Claire’s number and the two end up talking all night and also start to hang out including helping him pick out an urn. Later while sitting in the kitten he looks at the flame on the stove and realizes that he made a mistake and tries to stop but his father is already cremated. When he goes back to his hotel he finds Claire there and they share their feelings and end up kissing then sleeping together. The next day Drew tells Claire of the fiasco, they end up seeing each other one last time at his dad’s memorial where they talk about his father and play the song “Free Bird” and the place ends up with the sprinklers going off due to a prop catching on fire and everyone runs out. Drew decides to keep his promise to Claire and drive back home instead of fly and Claire gives him a cool map that tells him where to stop and visit along with a ton of music set accordingly. This is the road trip he never took with his father and he wishes that they would have done it years ago. At the end he is told to go the “Second Largest Farmers Market” and fine a girl in a red hat.

Sorry if I gave too much away, I just love this movie and got excited.

So if you like a movie with a great story, some comedy, romance and a lot of heart. Check this one out. And if this comes across like I think its a masterpiece well I know there are better films out there and this might have flaws but I only said that I loved this movie and it’s one of my faves. I’m not trying to say that It’s the kind of movie that everyone will love, cuz I know it’s not, I know a lot of people thing the cast sucks and that its boring. But I’m only putting this in my opinion


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