Knowing (2009)

I see that out of my friends on here more disagree with me than agree. But I thought this film was really done well, the story might not be original on some levels but on others I think it is. I think the cast was chosen very well, Yes again Nick Cage is playing another very intelligent person (just like in National Treasure 1 & 2) and as his son Chandler Canterbury does very well with the intense parts. The rest of the cast including the other 2 leads were from Australia which is were the film was shot substituting it for Boston. The other two leads include Rose Byrne (from the TV show Damages) and Lara Robinson both play more than one role in this film. Lara plays both the young version of Lucida Embry and also the daughter of Rose Byrne’s character, and Rose plays the older version of Lucinda (only in a photo) and also her daughter. Also I think some of the effects were done very well.

The movie is about this list that shows a bunch of numbers that look like just a random list, but it’s far from that the list shows dates of every major disaster over the past 50 years. John (Cage) is an MIT professor that figures out what the list means and tries to figure out why he has it. He ends up getting caught up in one of the disasters only by accident at first, then after that he goes to the location to try and stop it from happening. So after that he tries to find Lucinda but she died several years ago so he finds her daughter Diana (Byrne) and after they meet he tell her that they didn’t meet by accident and she gets freaked out and leaves. But after seeing everything he says come true she comes to his house and talk about her mother and how she just thought her mom was crazy. While they are looking in her mother old house the kids have these weird guys whispering in their heads. All of a sudden John & Diana find something under her mothers old bed, it was carved in the wood saying ” EVERYONE ELSE” and when that happened the kids honked the horn. Now they are freaking out and wanting to protect their kids they try to find a place to hide but nothing is gonna save them.

That’s All I’m gonna say, sorry if I did give to much away.


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