The Country Girl (1954)

I think that Grace Kelly definitely earned the Oscar for this movie. I thought that this role was so different from what she had been doing. The whole movie is just amazing. Some people might not think it deserves 100%, I think it does. The whole cast does so great together, and the story is just great and so true for the time and maybe even for today too. In this cast we have the talented Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly & William Holden.

Incase you don’t know of this movie, I’ll tell you about it. (Heres the *SPOILER ALERT* just in case) Bernie Dodd (Holden) is auditioning for the new musical he’s directing, and after watching Frank Elgin (Crosby) a fading star audition he suggest to the producer that he should get the lead role, Cook the producer isn’t a strong supporter. When he realizes that Frank left he goes to his apartment to find him and talk to him about the part, but Frank isn’t home yet, so Bernie meets Frank’s bitter, cold wife Georgie (Kelly) that aged way beyond her years. He’s happy he got the part but no one’s sure if he can handle it because he was know as a drunk and no one’s sure he can learn his lines, but he hasn’t been drinking in a long time, so Bernie give him a 2 week claus. After a talk with Frank at a rehearsal, Bernie thinks that Georgie is the reason for Franks career going down hill and he constantly criticizes her behind her back and sometimes to her face. But the one thing that Bernie doesn’t know about fully is that the real reason Frank’s career fell was due to the death of his son, his son was hit by a car while under the watch of Frank. The whole movie is wondering who is telling the whole truth to Bernie, is it Frank or Georgie?

If you want to know more check out the movie, it’s definitely a classic. Also some great singing by Bing Crosby.


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