Trucker (2009)

I totally agree with Roger Ebert when he put this on his list of the best indie films of 2009. For some the pacing might be a little slow, but I thought it was a thought out story line with a great blend of emotions. The cutting and pacing does very well because this is a very realistic movie and if you look at your own life is the pacing always totally perfect, no it’s not. There are many amazing performances by the cast, especially by Michelle Monaghan.

The movie is about Diane (Monaghan) who is a care free trucker who is just living her life and hanging with her friend Runner (Nathan Fillion) when one night she comes home to find that her son just got dumped at her doorstep. Now her son Peter (Bennett) isn’t trilled about living with his mom since he hasn’t seen her since he was a baby, and she feels the same way. They are pretty much stuck having to be together since his father Len (Bratt) is in the hospital with cancer. But after spending time with each other, Diane ends up becoming the one thing she thought she could never be, a mother.

If your a fan of indie movies and like a really great story and an amazing cast check out this movie, I think its worth watching.


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