Up (2009)

Again I totally agree with Roger Ebert when he said this was “ A Wonderful Film” I remember when this movie was coming to theaters, of course after seeing the trailer I wanted to see it, but unfortunately I was unable to see it until today. I was blown away by the trailer months ago, I was saying, Pixar has done it again, I wasn’t mistaken one bit. This movie is not just amazing because it was done by the great minds at Pixar, but because this movie was entertaining the whole time. The thing about this story is that it’s not only touching at times, it’s also extremely funny. As we watch Carl and Russel start their adventure together, we see some tender moments, some hilarious moments, and also some serious moments.

*SPOILER ALERT* (just in case)
In case you know nothing of this movie, here’s a little insight. This movie is about Carl, who is a retired balloon salesmen, who is still dreaming of the adventure he promised his wife long ago, unfortunately due to the passing of his wife he has become a sort of bitter man, not wanting to give up his house so the construction around him can finish. After an incident he is being forced out of his house and into a retirement center, and well he’s not gonna let that happen. So he takes off using who knows how many balloons to lift his house so he can keep his promise and go on the adventure his wife wanted to go on. Things don’t go as plan, after Russel (a wilderness scout) gets stuck on the house as it takes off. What kinds of things might they run into as they head for South America, buy/rent the movie to find out.

This is not just a great film for kids, No, it’s fun for the whole family.


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