Penelope (2008)

This is a movie with a lot of meaning, that can not only teach you and me , but everyone. With an amazing story that teaches you to trust and believe in yourself, and always except yourself for who you are. “I like myself the way I am!” Along with the story what really ties this movie together is the cast which include some amazing people such as Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Catherine O’Hara, Reese Witherspoon, Peter Dinklage, Richard E. Grant and Simon Woods. This movie is so magical that it just makes you feel so good after watching it, like maybe anything is possible.

This film is about Penelope (Ricci) who is from a well-bread and rich family and she is looking for the man of her dreams who also needs to be from a well-bread family or as they are called “bluebloods” the only problem is that she has the nose and ears of a pig. The reason for that is due to the fact that her great great great grandfather had a fling and broke the heart of a servant girl who was pregnant with his baby and after he married someone else she jumped off a cliff, her mother who was the town witch was so furious that she put a curse on the family so that the next girl born would have the face of a pig. Now to the families luck every wife had sons who had sons and so on, until Penelope. After he birth a tabloid photographer tried and lost and eye trying to get a photo of her, and her parents knowing that the people will never leave her along they decided to fake her death and also cremated her so that there would be know chance of them finding out. Now years have past and during that time Penelope was locked away in the house with no one but herself to entertain.

Since her 18th birthday they have been unsuccessfully trying to find her a husband, but she knows that no one will ever want to marry her with the face of a pig, so she just scares them away by reveling herself at first meet, but one Edward (Woods) ends up being the laughingstock of the town when a tabloid says he’s crazy talking about a evil pig-faced girl. So to fix the problem he teams up with the reporter that lost his eye (Dinklage) trying to get the story many years ago, they hire a broke “blueblood” Johnny (McAvoy) to get a photo and prove he’s not crazy. But what they don’t know is the he is not the person they think he is, too bad they don’t figure that out till later. But after Johnny meets Penelope he finds her charming and decides not to help the tag-team. After that Penelope runs away from home to live life. Will she make it on her own? Will she find true love? Will she even make friends? Check this movie out and you will see.


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