Freeway (1996)

This is a great black comedy that keeps you interested through out the whole movie. With a really great story and cast, it really hit’s the mark. The cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Wolfgang Bodison, Dan Hedaya, Amanda Plummer, Brooke Shields, Bokeem Woodbine, Guillermo Diaz, Brittany Murphy, Paul Perri and Alanna Ubach.

Ever wondered what happened to “Little Red Riding Hood“, well let me tell you she isn’t little anymore. She’s been living in the slums of L.A. and has completely changed. She can barely read the sentence “The cat drinks milk” and her parents aren’t any help she’s actually smarter than they are. Oh yeah and she can kick your butt and can possible kill you. That is the life of Vanessa Lutz (Reese Witherspoon) after her mother and step-father get taken to jail, one for prostitution the other for drugs. She waits for her social worker who she ten tricks into folding a blanket giving her the chance to ankle cuff her to the bed. As she makes a clean getaway with her basket full of “goodies” heading to her grandmothers house in Stockton, she stops off looking for her boyfriend Chopper. After telling him of her plans, he gives her a gun to sell since he can not come with her due to a court date coming up. Minutes after she leaves him he is killed by a rival gang, not to long on the road she has car trouble, now if you know the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”, then you know the wolf is gonna be a big problem for her, well he is about to show up. Yes the story’s  “Wolf” is Bob Wolverton (Kiefer Sutherland) who is also the infamous I-5 Killer. The start talking and he ends up getting her to talk about her life, as things continue he then reviles what his plan his with her, but what her doesn’t know is that she is the wrong girl to be messing with, and she ends up shooting him many times before walking away thinking he’s dead. But not to long later Vanessa is arrested and she finds out the Bob is not dead, but is just disfigured.

What will happen next, will Vanessa be in jail for life? Or will Bob get found out? Buy or Rent to find out


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