Bandslam (2009)

Director: Todd Graff
Writer: Josh A. Cagan & Todd Graff
Starring: Aly Michalka, Venessa Hudgens, Gaelan Connell, Lisa Kudrow
Year: 2009
Country: United States
MPAA Rating: PG
Time: 111 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Music, Romance
USA Release: 8/14/2009

I was really shocked at the fact that I actually like this movie, I just remember when I saw the trailer about a year ago I thought it looked really stupid, but I learned from reading a few review that it was worth checking out just to see if I might be wrong, and I so was. I’m not saying that it’s brilliant because it’s not, of course it has it’s moments of “yeah, I saw that coming” but the story had a lot more meaning behind it, even if there were typical clichés in it. Coming from a musical background I responding with this very well, and liked that it wasn’t about current music, that it dealt with kids liking awesome music from the past, I don’t want to say oldies, that makes it sound like the music from years ago sucks.

Anyways, the story revolves around Will Burton (Gaelan Connell) who lives and breaths everything MUSIC. Oh and he is also a major David Bowie fan, he writes to Bowie about everything he is going through sort of like a journal, and although Bowie doesn’t respond he still keeps writing him. After his mom, Karen (Lisa Kudrow) gets a new job and they move to New Jersey (at this part of the movie this is the only thing that he actually is happy about). During his first day the cafeteria explodes with music and cheering about “BANDSLAM” and has no idea what it is. At that time he meets Sa5m (the 5 is silent)(Vanessa Hudgens) who them explains (in a mono tone) all about how popular it is, “It’s Texas high school football big”. The two become friends and work together on a class project about finding out about the other one.

On that same day Charlotte Barnes (Aly Michalka) sees him and gets him to help her out in this volunteer dare care program at the school, and after she asks him to hang out a few times he wonders why she is hanging out with him seeing as she is a senior. She becomes impressed when he shows his vast knowledge of music, and asks him to listen to her band.He starts working to make her band better before BANDSLAM and ends up becoming their manager but with all of that he starts to blow off working with Sa5m on their project and after sharing a few romantic moments she becomes outraged and tries to warn him about how Charlotte is. As BANDSLAM approaches things start to happen, so will even thing go as planed and turn out to be an epic show? Can Will fix things with Sa5m? Check see this movie and find out for your self.


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