Criminal Minds – The First Season (2005-2006)

This show has a fresh feel to the crime drama genre with shows like CSI, Law and Order and also NCIS, this show has a great style that combines amazing camera angles and transitions with a killer cast and awesome stories, that sometimes are based off of real life crimes. They have claimed the signature of saying a quote at the beginning and ending of the show, it is usually say by someone on the that has a connection to the case in someway. Of the cast they have an array of great actors to take on the roles of this amazing BAU team. Mandy Patinkin as SSA Jason Gideon, who is a brilliant agent but has just returned to work after a mental break from a case 6 month ago. Thomas Gibson as SSA Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner who is the team leader, he is know to hardly show emotion, which can sometimes be a great help to a case. Also Shermar Moore as SSA Derek Morgon who is the one that will no matter what get his UNSUB, he is the muscle. Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr. Spencer Reid is a bona fide genius and is also the youngest member of the team, he can tell you everything you want to know and some things you don’t, if you need something read give it to him he can read 20,000 words a minute. New to the team is Lola Glaudini as Elle Greenaway who joins the team after the first episode, she specializes in sexual offense crimes. There is also A.J. Cook as Jeniffer “J.J.” Jareau, she is a rookie, who is the teams liaison, she is the one who decides what cases they take on. Last of the brilliant team is Kristen Vangsness as Penelope Garcia, she is the teams computer annalist, who while the team is out on a case is at headquarters in Quantico, usually Morgan is the one who calls her to look something up. Even with this show being a drama, there are light humorous moment, and a good amount of sarcastic lines (which I’m a big fan of) it works very well for the show. So after you watch this season, you’ll want to run out and buy the next season.

Episode List
Extreme Aggressor (Pilot) [9/22/05]
Compulsion [9/28/05]
Won’t Get Fooled Again [10/5/05]
Plain Sight [10/12/05]
Broken Mirror [10/19/05]
L.D.S.K [11/2/05]
The Fox [11/9/05]
Natural Born Killer [11/16/05]
Derailed [11/23/05]
The Popular Kids [11/30/05]
Blood Hungry [12/14/05]
What Fresh Hell? [1/11/06]
Poison [1/18/06]
Riding the Lightning [1/25/06]
Unfinished Business [3/1/06]
The Tribe [3/8/06]
A Real Rain [3/22/06]
Somebody’s Watching [3/29/06]
Machismo [4/12/06]
Charm & Harm [4/19/06]
Secrets and Lies [5/3/06]
The Fisher King, Part One [5/10/06]

(I might add summaries to episode list later)

I give this show an A+++  (100%)

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