Mad Love – Pilot (2/14/11)

Mad Love is the newest comedy show on CBS, it premiered tonight (2/14/11) at 8:30 p.m. Now don’t be fooled thinking that this is going to be Jason Biggs & Sarah Chalke’s show, as much as the story is centered around them, there were many scenes I felt moved them to the back burner and focused more on Judy Greer & Tyler Labine, both of who have real chemistry comedically speaking, so this could easily become their show and I think it has already. The story is nothing really new it’s something that you could see in any romantic comedy which is nothing new for the stars of this show.  But I hope that they will prove me wrong, and bring something fresh to the story or they will lose a lot of viewers very fast. After watching the show I looked it up online to see more about upcoming episodes, only to find out that the show is actually only a midseason replacement, which tells me that the show wasn’t really on CBS’s confidence list.

To recap for people who haven’t tuned in yet, the show is about 4 thirty somethings living in New York, trying to find love. When Ben and Kate meet on a skyscraper and fall in love thanks to a red cell phone. When they try to set up a meeting/double date with their respected best friends Connie and Larry, things get a little complicated because they end up hating each other before Ben and Kate even arrive. Things grow even more complicated when Kate find out about Ben’s girlfriend, of whom he is trying to breakup with.

All in all they show is not bad, it’s at least worth checking out once. I am looking forward to upcoming episodes, hopefully the story will be more complicated and not end up being so easy to figure out. But hey it is a comedy. I’m mostly looking forward to watching more of Judy Greer which is the only reason I checked this show out, even though she is mostly know for playing the best friend in a lot of movies, but I think they get the best parts, sometimes far better then the stars. Anyways Judy Greer is gonna kick some butt and have everyone laughing so hard.

So Check out “Mad Love” – Monday @ 8:30 p.m. on CBS

I give this episode a B-

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