The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Director: George Nolfi
Writer: George Nolfi
Based on: Adjustment Team”: By Philip K. Dick
Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie, Michael Kelly
Year: 2011
Country: USA
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Time: 99 minutes
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Action
USA Release: 3/4/2011
On DVD (USA): 6/21/2011

As human beings we are defined by our ability to love. It’s simple everyone at one point or another has loved someone. But the question being asked is, would you give up everything for the person you loved? Or could you live without them to continue on the path you’re already on? That is precisely the question asked and answered in “The Adjustment Bureau” a brilliant story based on Philip K. Dick’s 1954 short story “Adjustment Team”.

The Adjustment Bureau is a sci-fi romantic action movie taking place over the course of about 5 years. That starts with David Norris (Matt Damon) a young politician running for United State Senate. After a major loss he practices his speech in the bathroom at a hotel where he meets a mysterious women who has been hiding out in a stall. She had heard his speech and tells him to be more original. From the start they are attracted to each other and before she leaves they share a kiss. After that she is all he thinks about, but she is not part of his plan. Time moves on and he hasn’t seen her since, but on another normal day, they have a chance meeting on a bus. This time he finds out her name is Elise (Emily Blunt) and before leaving she give David her number. But this meeting wasn’t part of the plan either, because of it David is about to see something he wasn’t suppose to see, “The Adjustment Bureau” at work. After being captured by them he learns who and what they are, the bureau or agents are basically people in charge of keeping everyone on their life course. He is told he can never see Elise again, she isn’t part of his plan, and also can’t tell anyone about them. Feeling guilty Harry (Anthony Mackie), one of the agents of the bureau meets and tells him more about them. Despite being told not to look for her, he does but is unsuccessful and 3 years pass by, one day he spots her on the street, and they catch up but the bureau is already hot on their trail to stop this from going any farther. From there it’s the bureau fighting against David who will not give up being with her, but is forced to surrender, to keep her safe. Only to learn he could lose her forever.

Emily Blunt & Matt Damon in “The Adjustment Bureau”

I have been waiting to see this movie for over a year, it was originally set for a late summer 2010 release only to be moved to the fall and then to the spring. But that never made me doubt how good or bad the movie might be, and I wasn’t let down. I found the story to be extremely interesting and I’ve actually got my hands on the short story and look forward to reading it. It’s more intellectual then its lets on, I think it is really an emotion drawn movie, pulling on you emotions while giving you something to think about, much like “Inception” did. Although it seems to have attempted to be masked a bit to be less controversial, it is a pretty religious movie, using the well dressed agents as angels and using how our lives are already mapped out for us by God. In the end, it is asked if this is all a test, it was, but was it for us humans or for the agents? That was the question I found after watching it, leaving it open for us to have our own opinion. As some are aware George Nolfi is a veteran screenwriter but a first time director, however I never felt like this was his first time directing. I very much enjoyed the way it was shot, he really knows how to use the city as a good backdrop, especially the beginning scenes in the Waldorf hotel were just great. Also the film had great balance between the action and romance, with a little sprinkle of comedy. But the best thing was the amazing cast everyone seemed meant to play their roles, especially Terence Stamp with his role as Thompson, another agent. And to my surprise Emily Blunt did an amazing job for her dancing scenes, who would have guess that she is not a dancer in real life. But I was not surprise by how great the chemistry was between Emily Blunt and Matt Damon, both of whom I believe could be the next great on-screen couple like that of Tracy & Hepburn or Roberts & Gere. With every scene they were in together, just lifted the movie to another level. I would love to see them work together again. They just have an ease, it doesn’t feel like I’m watching two people act, it feels realistic.

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4 Comments on “The Adjustment Bureau (2011)”

  1. The Movie Brothers Says:

    My wife and I debated seeing this, or Rango. We went with Rango. It was good. I honestly didn’t expect much from this but now I’m more curious.


    • Awesome Barnhart Says:

      Thanks! I have Rango on my list to see, don’t know if I’ll see it in theaters, that depends. Well whenever you see it I hope you like it, and are not disappointed.

  2. filmdrivel Says:

    I quite enjoyed this one but not as much as yourself. I agree with you that Damon and Blunt had great chemistry, I thought Damon carried the film well. I just got a bit fed up with the constant explanation of everything though, and by the end i had kind of lost interest to be honest. Enjoying the site! Just stumbled across it.

    Cheeky question: How do you get your star ratings in your blog posts and on the latest reviews section?


    • Awesome Barnhart Says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting 😀

      Oh well I asked a friend to make the stars and they are just like the pictures in each post I have to add it myself. And the latest review section is just a text widget that I have to update myself.

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