4 Mini Reviews For The Weekend Of 4/22/11

For these films I found that I could not come up with enough to say for a full review so instead here they are in mini review form. From time to time with all the film I see I might just throw together this instead of a full review.

*If you want a summary of the film just click on the title and for a trailer just click on the poster.

So here are some of the movies I watched for the Weekend of 4/22/11:


You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger” (2010) – R – 99 mins.
Although this film had the potential to be interesting, instead we are stuck with a story that has way to many characters for its own good. Only having one character getting a complete and round story. The whole story is chaos and of course covers Woody Allen’s favorite subject… Infidelity. While I am a fan of Woody Allen films this is just a flop and probably one of his worst films. I’m telling you this for your own good, AVOID THIS FILM, because it almost makes you never want to watch another one of his films again.


Lemonade Mouth” (2011) [TV-Movie]
This is a typical Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM), but what sets it apart for some of the more exhaustingly cheerful DCOMs is that it brings up subject matter that flows through the veins of a lot of teenagers today… being heard and making a difference. I was surprised by some of the back stories of the characters in this movie, but as you can expect it’s still dealt with in the most predictable way, then again who watching Disney Channel wants to watch something depressing. Although the actors in this are part of the age group that I wonder why they are still working at Disney, they are still a pretty good group of young actors, I would like to see them in better films to see them really act though. But this movie has got some catchy songs and actors who really play their instruments (which was a nice change of pace). Overall this movie can be watched, but it’s nothing new or surprising for Disney.


Cassandra’s Dream” (2007) – PG-13 – 109 mins.
Not a good weekend to watch Woody Allen. This film wasn’t a dream but instead a nightmare, Allen should just stay away from films like theses, because it was just too boring, I spent the whole time waiting for something to happen, but nothing never did. This could have been a good movie but it took to long to get anywhere, and when it did do something, it was still something I already figured out earlier. Although the cast was pretty good, the story just ruined any chance of me liking them, Ewan McGregor’s character was so awful that I wanted to punch him in the face, but that was probably the way I was suppose to feel. I can pretty much sum up that it was a major waste of almost 2 hours (by the way I’d like that time back) and it is so tedious and everything can be figured out in the first 30 or so minutes.


Gulliver’s Travels” (2011) – PG – 85 mins.
First off to everyone’s surprise, this is another typical Jack Black movie, shocking I know. So walking into this I knew how the comedy was going to be, but I was surprised that I did laugh a few times. I thought it was a nice take on the story making it kid friendly, and there are some holes in this but what kid is really going to notice, I know I wouldn’t have when I was younger. There isn’t a whole lot to say about this movie, just that kids will love it, and parents will be able to sit through it, there are some funny moments but overall its nothing special. You won’t walk away with knowing anymore about the story then you did walking in. But you might walk away shaking your head over another use of a musical number near the end of the movie. Is it just me, but why does every Jack Black movie need to have a song in it, does he really need to prove to us that he can sing. It’s not entertaining if we see it in every film, it’s just frustratingly ridiculous.

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