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Seeing as Summer means BLOCKBUSTERS GALORE, these are my top 10 indie films of 2011 that may not make there way to a theater near me. But If they do, I’ll be sprinting to theaters to see them.

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10. “Love Wedding Marriage” – Out June 3rd (Limited) TRAILER
Although it doesn’t look that different from any other wedding/marriage movie, the difference is this one marks the directorial debut of Dermot Mulroney, who’s brother also recently make his debut with 2009’s “Paper Man”. Mulroney is a fine actor and I’m hoping that he will also be a great director. I’m a fan of some of the cast so, I’m willing to take a chance with this one.


9. “Last Night” – Out May 6th (Limited) TRAILER
Continuing with marriage, “Last Night” is about a couple that while apart for one night are lead to some temptation, can they resist it? I’m not really sure what to think of this trailer, it seems pretty easy to figure out but sometime that’s what they want you to think. So I think it will be worth a look. It stars Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes and Guillaume Canet.


8. “The High Cost of Living” – Out May 13th (Limited) TRAILER
This one sounds very interesting, starring Zach Braff and Isabelle Blais is about a women who falls in love after losing her baby in a hit and run. Although it seems fairly straightforward the story is more complicate, see the trailer to find out what I mean.


7. “Daydream Nation” – Out May 6th (Limited) TRAILER 
I will watch anything Kat Dennings, I think she is a wonderful actress. She is one of the reason I want to see the movie “Thor” but anyways Daydream Nation is one that will be easier to see on DVD seeing as it does come out 11 days after it hits limited theaters. A story about a love triangle is always good, lets see how these Canadians spin it. I expect it to be very raw which is always a plus.


6. “Hesher” – Out May 13th (Limited) TRAILER
Speaking of raw, “Hesher” is that plus extremely out of control (not the film the character) with no regard to anyone but himself how does he possible get involved with a kid and a cashier? With two of today’s top actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is an indie king and Natalie Portman in a role pre-Oscars this is gonna make for one wild ride.


5. “Midnight In Paris” – Out May 20th (Limited)
With Woody Allen’s last 2 movies being flops, I cross my fingers that this one is one to add my love list not hate list of Woody Allen Films. With a background like Paris and a cast of great actors the only thing I’m holding my breath for is the story. It seems like it will follow the forever pattern of his favorite subject, infidelity. But it seems that I could be wrong about that for this one as it seems much more than that. I really hope that this will come to theaters near me. Check out my review of “Midnight In Paris”.


4. “One Day” – Out August 19th (Limited)
This one is gonna be a must see, based on David Nicholls book of the same name (he also wrote the script) is about to people who after one night, see each other every year to see how their lives are. After seeing the trailer it looks like it will be a phenomenal love story that spans 20 years. Plus it stars Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, Patricia Clarkson and Romola Garai, so nothing is stopping me from seeing this. Check out my review of “One Day”.


3. “The Art of Getting By” – Out June 17th (Limited) TRAILER
Previously known as “Homework” is a coming of age story about a lonely teen who made his way through high school without doing any work and how he becomes friends with a complicated popular girl. The film did well at Sundance this year, and being a big fan of Emma Roberts I was already ready to see this film. But this film also has a lot of other wonderful actors that I can’t wait to see.


2. “Beginners” – Out June 3rd (Limited)
This is one of the films that if it comes to a theater near me, nothing and I mean nothing is stopping me for seeing it. The story is very interesting, and after seen the trailer it looks that it was shot in a very unique way. I really love watching movies with the three leads Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer and Melanie Laurent and think all of them are fantastic and together are going to make this a great film, I really hope this doesn’t get lost among all of the summer blockbusters. Check out my review of “Beginners”.


1. “Everything Must Go” – Out May 13th (Limited) TRAILER 
Thanks to finding out that these three actors were going to be in it, I became extremely excited for this film. Will Ferrell although known mostly for his comedy has proven that he can act in much more serious role like in “Winter Passing” and “Stranger Than Fiction” both of which are amazing films. Rebecca Hall who I found to be an amazing actress after watching “The Town”, now I will forever follow her work. And Laura Dern who I loved in “Jurassic Park” and “October Sky” although I don’t keep track of her work as much I would like, she is still a great actress. But with the three of them and a story that looks to be serious but also just funny at the premise of having all of your possessions on the front lawn, making this my must see indie film.

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