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One of the most anticipated book adaptation of the year is David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And after one of the biggest searches of the decade, which had pretty much every big name and unknown actress begging for an audition, Rooney Mara was chosen to play the dragon tattooed heroine. During the time of the search I compiled my own list of who I thought should play the important character, and like everyone else, was breaking down each one of the major actresses that made the final list. My choice would have been Ellen Page, who I thought was not only the right height and age but also embodied the rage, anger and also coolness needed for the character. There were many other qualified actresses, but much of the problems consisted with many being way to tall for the role, and seeing as her height is a factor that is stated in the story there was no going around it.

Like everyone who is a fan of the original films, the books and or both, I have been anxiously waiting for any kind of clip or trailer to surface. Over the weekend (May 28th) the red-band international teaser trailer was leaked (later taken down) and surfaced on youtube, and soon hit every website that discuses movies and movie news. I waited to write this because I heard that the green-band teaser trailer was going to be released not to long later (released May 31st) and I wanted to see how much of a difference there would be. There wasn’t, both feature a fast paced cut of various scenes throughout the movie with the green-band obviously showing less nudity even though there wasn‘t really any in the red-band one. Both also featured a cover of the song “Immigrant Song” sung by Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). I’m a bit skeptical about this version seeing as the original Millennium Trilogy was only made 2 years ago and started it’s US theatrical run only last year. In my mind this version will not be better than the original, and like “Let Me In” another movie that was remade from a Swedish version “Let The Right One In” and again was made about 2 years after the original. I can see that maybe Hollywood is trying to get it to a bigger audience and have it in English because many Americans won’t willingly watch a foreign subtitled movie. But I hate that Hollywood has to resell everything just so they can make more money, why not back some of these great independent projects that never make it. Seriously like they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but we don’t listen to that. Hollywood just wants money, well hopefully it won’t have what happen to “Let Me In” happen to them, although it got great reviews no one went and saw it. It ran in my local theater for 2 weeks, luckily I went and saw it the weekend before it left.

OK rant over for now, back to the trailer. In this version I feel that they are already giving away too many of the major scenes in the movie, especially in the international trailer, I would go into detail about what scenes but I don’t want to ruin the movie for people who haven’t seen the original and no nothing about this movie. Another question comes to mind and although this is a major part of the story it doesn’t give anything away, I am curious as to why it looks like we are going to see a live close up version of the parade that the missing girl is in and also other footage from the past, in the original all we had were some photos, one blurry photo and an small reel of footage and all keep the roughness and graininess of the time period. This one seems to go off as if we are going to be right there, but I’m hoping that won’t be the case. Probably anyone who knows the original three are wondering about how they are going to depict some of the more graphic material, for me though it seems like they might push the bill more with it I mean look at the poster (yes it is the international poster) and of course it could be the other way too, making it practically PG-13 just so they could sell more tickets, but they seem to be very confident that they can keep it R. But if they push the bill more with the nudity and graphic events, they are definitely going to lose the artistic value that they original used. Yes the original had many violent scenes but they didn’t do it for shock value, they did it justice and put meaning behind it and keep it in a artist way, anything else would have just made it disgusting to watch. One final thought, can Rooney Mara do this role, yes she gave a great performance in “The Social Network” but that was a very small role and other than that hasn’t had any major roles. Personal I don’t think she really pulls off the look of Lisbeth Salander but maybe I’ll feel different when I see her in action in the film, maybe the performance will out weigh her inexperience with being a lead. Either way everyone behind the film must have seen a amazing performance in the audition phase to give the role to an unknown actress, but hey that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Oh and I almost forgot, what’s with that poster for the new version? It looks like two models posing for a magazine cover. Anyone that doesn’t know anything about these movies will probably not even know what movie it is (seeing as there is no title on the poster).

What do you think, can Rooney Mara handle this role? What about the rest of the cast? Should they have even made this version? And What do you think of the 2011’s teaser trailer & poster?


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009 -Original)


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011 – Remake)

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One Comment on “Tattoo vs. Tattoo”

  1. jeremy Says:

    I have this one on my instant watch on netflix but haven’t gotten around to seeing it hope the remake is as good as the 2009 version. I hope it stays R rated since that is how it was ment to be and I agree about the poster. I don’t understand why anyone would see this one when they don’t even put the name on it


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