Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

Director: Mike Newell
Writer: Steve Kloves
Based On:Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (Novel Series Book #4) By: J.K. Rowling
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Ralph Fiennes, Brendan Gleeson, Robert Pattinson, Clémence Poésy, Stanislav Ianevski
Year: 2005
Country: UK & USA
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Time: 157 minutes
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Mystery
USA Release: 11/18/2005
On DVD (USA): 3/7/2006
Awards: 1 Academy Award Nomination, 1 BAFTA Award Win, 2 BAFTA Award Nominations
With a new director and some new additions to the cast, the gang is this time facing a new challenge… themselves, as they are growing up and encountering emotions, boys, girls and love. Following in this new adventure are many dangers that lurk around every corner and trust is becoming more apparent as no one is as they seem.
In this installment of the Potter series, Harry, Ron and Hermione now face maybe their biggest challenge… Hormones. As the new term is about to start we find the gang heading to the Quidditch World Cup and after the match everyone is suddenly running for their lives as the Death Eaters start to terrorize the fans. After Harry gets separated from the group and subsequently get trampled, he ends up witnessing a man conjure the Dark Mark, something he has yet to know about. Now back at Hogwarts, Harry and the gang are meeting two new schools that will be staying their while the Triwizard Tournament goes on, the school are the ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the guys of Durmstrang Institute. While school commences they have a very intense first lesson at the hand of Professor Alastor “Mad-eye” Moody who decides to teach them about the unforgivable curses, as the class gets through each of the 3 curses the mood in the room becomes hardened and Neville is left the most scarred. But things continues to take a turn to the strange as the Goblet of Fire chooses not 3 to compete for the Triwizard Cup, but 4 as Harry Potter’s name surprisingly flutters from the goblet. And at that moment Harry not only has to face a challenge, with 3 deadly and dangerous tasks but also his friendship with Ron who feels betrayed.

Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, & Daniel Radcliffe in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

As we embark on a new adventure with the gang this time with Mike Newell behind the lens we start to see that although they are wizards, they are still like all of us, and Hogwarts is a school no different than ours, they too have tons of drama. With that the Newell did a great job but at times the movie can seem much like a mood swing as it jumps sometimes suddenly from drama to comedy. Maybe it’s suppose to be a metaphor for the students changing but I doubt it. And even that doesn’t just fall on the director, some concerns is to the writer. The unbalanced act doesn’t make for a good movie, and it sometimes gets you going in one mood and when the scene changes so abruptly you wonder why your smiling or what have you. Even at times, like for the beginning of the school term when Dumbledore is explaining about the Triwizard Tournament, it just was to over the top and melodramatic, although that only happened from time to time, it was not something I’d expect from a Potter movie, maybe a Disney Channel or Lifetime movie. But thankfully the tasks of the tournament helped even things out and made it a fun and exciting movie, because without those scenes we are just left with uneven attempts at too much comedy and sudden jerks into drama that just left it unbalanced and tedious. But enough of that let’s talk music, with the departure of John Williams, even though his theme is still being used, they brought in Patrick Dole known for his collaborations with Kenneth Branagh who was in the second Harry Potter movie, and like is predecessor Dole too did a fantastic job with composing a great score. Without question the supporting cast filled with great British stars and some great kids, have come though yet again. With some of them more background characters getting a chance to come center stage delivering some of the best and funniest moments, especially Fred and George (played by James and Oliver Phelps) Also coming to center stage is the first full appearance of Lord Voldemort (played by Ralph Fiennes) who is a bit freighting but surprisingly very theatrical, with a good performance by Fiennes. Our 3 heroes all did a great job, and although drama is threatening to divide them, and it does for a little while they are able to work through it and come out stronger. Great performances all around as some not known for a lot of comedy get a chance to this time around.
All and all, this is a great movie, although at times can be a bit tedious and somewhat unbalanced as it teeters between comedy and drama. But the action in the 3 tasks of the Triwizard Tournament prove to help keep things moving. With what marks the first full look at Voldemort, his battle is starting to pick up heat as Harry is no longer protected from him. And all of the Twilight fans will love this with an early look at their future sparkling vampire, Robert Pattinson.
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6 Comments on “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)”

  1. Tom Clift Says:

    This is probably the Potter film I remember the least about. Personally I think they really take off when David Yates took over direction with ORDER OF THE PHEONIX. The one thing I do remember really clearly was that the Death Eater uniforms came complete with KKK hoods. Not exactly subtle.

    Great review though. I’m loving all the Potter retrospectives I’m seeing around the blogosphere…really gets my psyched up to revisit the series (especially given how much I enjoyed the most recent film).


    • Awesome Barnhart Says:

      Yeah, I think so too, Yates does a fantastic job with 5 – 7: Part 1 (I haven’t seen Part 2 yet) Oh yes the KKK hoods were very blatant sadly. And Thanks, I’m glad I finally got around to reviewing them all, guess I just need the push from the last movie to do it. lol By the way, I just checked out your blog, it’s very well done. And Thanks again for the comment.

  2. Gerry C. Says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of this series until this movie I think. I liked it a lot and they got better for the most part (stupid Half Blood Prince). Very nice review. And I like the way your site is laid out. – Gerry from CinematicMethod.com


    • Awesome Barnhart Says:

      Oh Thanks! I’ve always been a fan, and I’m sorry to disappoint you but I actually quite liked Half-Blood Prince (sorry). Thanks for the comment, and I like you site too, I added you to my links (blogroll)

  3. ianthecool Says:

    I also found it slightly unbalanced, but I am glad they put some comedy in, as otherwise it would have been a little too dark.


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