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Now that summer is about to end I thought I’d start compiling my list for the next season in movies, 2011 Fall/Holiday Season. With Entertainment Weekly release of the new season preview, why don’t you take a look at my list and decide what you want to see. So without further ado, here is my Top 10 Fall/Holiday Mainstream picks.
*Click the title for summary; Click the poster for the trailer
10. “Hugo” – Out November 23rd
Although this is very different than what Martin Scorsese is known for, it still seems a bit interesting. Yes, the story might be a bit cheesy but I’m hoping that with the talents of Scorsese as well as Chloë Grace Moretz that this might turn out to be a fun and entertaining ride, not only for the kids but their parents as well. Also like with his other works I’m looking forward to not only being entertained story wise but also visually. And hopefully this will use the effect of 3D in the right manner, and not just turn out to be a waste. Check out my review of “Hugo”.
9. “Anonymous” – Out October 28th TRAILER
What William Shakespeare wasn’t the real writer of all of his famous work? Right there, that’s enough to draw me in. Although there is more to the story, the movie seems to surround around that idea, it will be interesting to see where they take the story from there. Roland Emmerich directs this stylish movie, with hopefully a thrilling and unpredictable story.
8. “J. Edgar” – Out November 11th
{Re-Written 10/5/11} This is first off a very interesting story, J. Edgar Hoover who was the first director of the FBI, is someone I only know a little about. Clint Eastwood look to have done a fantastic job and everything looks well thought out and precise. The cast looks great and will hopefully deliver some great performances and knowing Eastwood perfect casting choices over the years, this might make them Oscar bait. As for Eastwood everyone knows without a doubt that he and this movie are already Oscar bait, along with it’s star Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio has transformed himself beautiful and his performance in the trailer looks to be very strong (like that’s a surprise). Overall this is definitely one to see. Check out my review of “J. Edgar”.
7. “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” – Out December 21st  TRAILER
Yes I know I recently bashed the idea of it all in my article Tattoo vs. Tattoo but even so I’m still a bit curious to see if they can pull it off. I’m not happy with the thought of it being remade but maybe it will do well critically like “Let Me In”, although it was a box office flop. It’s sad that many people excited to see this, haven’t heard of or seen the original Swedish version, lucky most film buffs & critics have, so I know they too will have that in mind, when and if they see this version. Although directed by David Fincher (“The Social Network”) I still think that this will fail in comparison to the original, but I looking forward to see if it can prove me wrong.
6. “Young Adult” – Out December 16th TRAILER
{Re-Written 10/6/11} Although this is one that I thought was going to be good based off the premise and the people behind it, but after seeing the trailer today I feel that this is going to be awful. Throughout the whole trailer I felt nothing, nothing was funny or entertaining, it just looks to be as delusional as the main character herself. Even with Diablo Cody and Jason Reitmen teaming back up, this is so plain and unlikable that it’s like Juno never existed or that they couldn’t have been the ones behind it. And the casting of Charlize Theron has to be without a doubt the worst thing, yes she can play the snooty parts pretty good but she sucks at the comedy. I’m ashamed to have this on my list because that trailer has me thinking I’d rather go to the dentist than see this when it comes out.
5. “In Time” – Out October 28th
Most people, who have seen the trailer for this don’t think much of it as far as Justin Timberlake being the lead. Yes, perhaps this movie could use some one better, but I’m going to give Timberlake a change, I mean how else is he going to prove it unless he does it. And as far as the movie goes this looks to be a pretty original concept that I hope turns out to be as good as the trailer looks (hopefully I didn’t see practically the movie from the trailer since that has happened before). The idea of time being the new currency in the late 21st century, while also having you stop ageing after 25, just sound really cool. Check out my review of “In Time”.
4. “The Ides of March” – Out October 7th
This political drama looks to have all of the markings to be great and full of deception. From the looks of the trailer, it looks to have the same characteristics of “Michael Clayton”. Based on the play “Farragut North” by Beau Willimon, which was adapted not only by Willimon but also Clooney, who also is director/star. As it looks from the trailer, it will be suspenseful and full of strong performances from it’s cast that includes Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Paul Giamatti, and Evan Rachel Wood, all of whom are fantastic and reliable actors. Check out my review “The Ides of March”.
3. “Contagion” – Out September 9th
Well I don’t think we have had a virus movie in a while, and this seems to be bringing it back with much force. With another great ensemble cast that includes Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Marion Cotillard, just to name a few. This looks like it might keep me on the edge of my seat the entire time and will hopefully have many twist and turns to keep me guessing the whole time. Check out my review of “Contagion”.
2. “We Bought A Zoo” – Out December 23rd
{Re-Written 9/14/11} A heartwarming story about a now single father struggling to take care of his two kids after his wife passes away. Deciding to start over he comes across a house that seems perfect but quickly finds out that it is a zoo. Soon deciding to take over and run the zoo, he and his family are now on an adventure that will involve friends new and old. The concept of this sounds great, although the trailer might make it seem cheesy and predictable but I’m looking more at the talents of Cameron Crowe and his cast of top actors. Crowe has made many wonderful films over the years I have a feeling that I’m absolutely going to love this too. Check out my review of “We Bought A Zoo”.
1. “The Adventures of Tintin” – Out December 23rd  TRAILER
This is something that hasn’t come along in a while, a high octane animated movie that looks more for adults then it does kids. Directed by Steve Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson, this looks to be an amazing adventure that has been adapted from the popular European comic book series that run from 1929-1976 and was later turned into a TV series that ran from ‘59-‘63 and later in the early 90‘s. This adaptation seems to not only have a great adventure but also every big name actor voicing it. Jamie Bell voices Tintin.
So what are your Indie picks to see this Fall/Holiday Season, are they on this list? Either why tell me about them in the comments below. And make sure to check out my list of Top 10 Indies for this season as well.
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4 Comments on “Let It Snow Mainstream – Top 10”

  1. TheClapperBored (@TheClapperBored) Says:

    Ides of March and Dragon Tattoo for me. A Fincher movie will always be an event in my calender.

    Saw 20 minutes of Anonymous and it was just awful.

    You should add Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy to your list now that the release has been pushed back.


  2. pgcooper1939 Says:

    10. I’m very interested in the talent involved, but I didn’t like the trailer very much.
    9. Roland Emmerich is turning me off.
    8. Very excited.
    7. Very excited.
    6. Never heard of it.
    5. Looks like it could be pretty cool.
    4. Very excited.
    3. Very excited
    2. Still waiting on a trailer.
    1. Very excited.

    Overall, good list.


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