Why Am I An Idiot For Not Owning Blu-ray?



I recently left a comment on an article on Collider.com, it was the one about “Tree of Life” coming exclusively to Blu-ray. It went on to say that because the movie pretty much catered to cinephiles and cinephiles tend to have Blu-ray players, so that must be the reason behind the company doing that. My comment went on to say…
“I’m a cinephile and I don’t own a Blu-ray player. I didn’t get a chance to see this in theaters, so I was hoping to see it on DVD. So I’m upset that they are putting a DVD in the Blu-ray edition but not putting out a single DVD edition, I mean they have already made the DVDs why not just sell them too.”
Now your at this point wonder why I’m writing this, well it’s because of the reply someone left me that went…
“Right. You’re definitely a cinephile if you’re not watching movies they were meant to be seen in the best presentation possible. Definitely.
Now I’m not making this up, you can check the article for yourself and see. But anyways that got me thinking, why am I an idiot for not owning Blu-ray? Yes I know that Blu-ray is a superior formant with better clarity with both the audio and video, but is it really that awful that I still own and love my DVD player? I mean, I took a long time before I made the switch from VHS to DVD anyways, I didn’t make the switch till 2004. Go ahead laugh. But since then, I have come to own the upwards of 1,000 DVD, why should I spend even more money switching them to Blu-ray? Even if I sell all of them, I still will lose a ton on money, and I just don’t want to do that right now. Beside, even with Blu-ray, I don’t consider that to be the best way possible to watch, unless I spend even more money for a projector and a huge screen. That’s because if I want to own the equipment to watch in the best possible way, then I should just own what I can to make it like a theater, since that is the way filmmakers intended on us watching.
Now I can go on and rant forever about this, but I’ll just sum it up to say that, yes I am a cinephile, and just because I don’t own a Blu-ray player doesn’t make me any less of one. Maybe one day I’ll own a Blu-ray player, or the next best format if that’s available at that time. But until then, I am quite content watching films on my DVD player. This is a fight that will go on forever, it happened when Beta lost out to VHS, and again when VHS lost to DVD. I don’t remember anyone complaining when they use to watch movies on VHS, and that was probably because they were lucky that they could own their own copy of the movie to begin with. I mean just think about it, before Beta & VHS, you couldn’t own your own copy unless you have a 35mm reel. Until home video began, TV & Theaters were the only way to watch, and that was only like 30 years ago. So I’m not complaining about what’s the best way to watch at home. Because what’s next, people complaining about how digital projection should be the new way in theaters instead of watching it on a film reel? It sounds like that could be the next argument if people are getting on others for not owning a Blu-ray player because it has better clarity.
Well I guess there was a little more rant in me after all, anyways, you can call me an idiot for not owning a Blu-ray player, but that isn’t going to make me run out an buy one. I’m happy with my DVD player and collection. And I will continue to buy them until they stop being made, just like I did with VHS. Either way, you can’t say I’m not a cinephile, because only a cinephile would go and write this article.
Oh and one last thing, I don’t remember anyone putting up such a big fight when HD DVD came around, and we all remember that didn’t last very long.
Well tell me what you think? Do you own Blu-ray or DVD? Leave your comments below, keep them nice because I don’t want to delete them.
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2 Comments on “Why Am I An Idiot For Not Owning Blu-ray?”

  1. Castor Says:

    I personally don’t own a Blu Ray player either. I just don’t see the point at the moment since I don’t own a gigantic HD television. Add to that the fact that Blu-Ray are more expensive than DVDs (not that I buy DVDs) and it just doesn’t make sense for me. Maybe someday…


    • Awesome Barnhart Says:

      Thanks you! I just got an HD television (26′ so not that gigantic lol) but that was only because my old on broke. Yes Blu-rays are more expensive, and with my collection of DVD’s being close to 1,000, replacing them will be too much right now, I probably won’t switch until I’m forced to and DVD are no longer made, until then I’m happy with what I got, and it sounds like you are too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 😀

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