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Hey Everybody,
This is just an update/announcement to anyone that regularly read my reviews here at Awesome Barnhart’s Reviews. Since I have decided to erase everything from my Rotten Tomatoes (RT) account (since I can’t delete it) I have decided to get rid of using the % ratings as part of my score, so from now on their will just be a star score at the bottom. Since deciding to do this I realized that my % scores didn’t really match up to my star scores. As you can see from the picture below this is what my rating system was and has been since I started writing reviews back in 2010. At the time I thought I have come up with a balanced system between % and stars but have since realized that they aren’t that balanced (took me long enough, right?) I seemed to have catered more to the % score then the actual star score. But that is all getting chanced, so if you notice a change in the scores over the next few weeks don’t worry my views and original score haven’t change they have just gotten corrected to the right star score I originally intended. [Side Note – my scores that I post on the LAMB do not need to be changed as the break down between % and stars was much easier and are correctly balanced. I only am fixing the star scores here because they are out of 4 stars not 5 like on The LAMB.]
Another update is that I’m also getting rid of the corresponding RT symbol(s) and Netflix queue buttons that are usual seen at the bottom of my reviews (this my not be permanent). Also being changed is the elimination of my entire “Rating’s” pages from my site permanently since it’s hard to keep up with and also doesn’t get many views.
Well that seems to be it, thanks for reading this update and please continue coming back to read my reviews. And sorry to my reader that I haven’t written a lot lately I have been somewhat busy with personal matters.
Thanks again,
Amanda Barnhart (a.k.a Awesome Barnhart)
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I'm a avid film lover. I love collecting Blu-rays/DVDs, as well as movie posters. Along with doing that I'm an amateur film critic (having starting my site/blog in 2010). I'm also a photographer. I try to keep my site up-to-date with the newest reviews. (To Find Out More Click The "About Me" Button) So definitely subscribe if your interested, and don't be afraid to leave your thoughts in the comment box but please keep it nice & clean, Thanks!

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