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Battle of the Snow Whites: Who Will Win 2012?



In less than week we have been introduced to two different movies dealing with the beloved character, Snow White. Ms. White as you know is well known for hanging around 7 little dudes with names that fit their personality. As such the two movie battling in 2012 has the similar thing, the have different personalities, […]

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Why Am I An Idiot For Not Owning Blu-ray?



I recently left a comment on an article on, it was the one about “Tree of Life” coming exclusively to Blu-ray. It went on to say that because the movie pretty much catered to cinephiles and cinephiles tend to have Blu-ray players, so that must be the reason behind the company doing that. My […]

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Tattoo vs. Tattoo


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One of the most anticipated book adaptation of the year is David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And after one of the biggest searches of the decade, which had pretty much every big name and unknown actress begging for an audition, Rooney Mara was chosen to play the dragon tattooed heroine. During the […]

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